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  • Created by: Agu Chimaraoge Havens
  • Date: 2017-08-13
  • Skills: html-css
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Originally, 360Hubspot was developed to provide advertising and marketing solutions to small and large scale businesses, we develop strategies and give insights into the market space and advice clients on best platforms to market their products and services, we still do this, however we are putting the power to decide in your hands and at the same time still provide useful tips to guide our clients.

360Hubspot has evolved into a media buying space that solves all advertising issues not just for individuals but for advert agencies and companies who are seeking the services of media channels to create top of the mind engagement with their target audience.

Order for advert spaces from Outdoor, indoor, tv, digital, radio, print and press and get your adverts running in less than 24hrs.

Our goal at 360Hubspot is to cut down deadlines and achieve maximum reach/promotion of product and services.

We also provide Digital analytics, Media Monitoring, report gathering and insights for business development to our clients.